Hydrex and its Mindray BeneFusion e-Series infusion system referenced by UniHA

UniHA, the 1st French public purchaser in the field of health, has chosen to reference, on the market “Supply of PERFUSION Equipment”

UniHA, the 1st French public purchaser in the field of health, has chosen to reference, on the market "Provision of PERFUSION equipment » lot 2&7 markets (229021-229024), Hydrex international, a French company specializing in the distribution and promotion of medical devices.

Hydrex listing on the "Supply of Perfusion Equipment" market, lot 2&7, (markets 229021-229024)

Following the signing of the new partnership, Hydrex now has the latest generation of Mindray brand BeneFusion e-Series infusion systems. Hydrex is pleased to be referenced by the UniHA purchasing group, with its new infusion product intended for hospitals for nursing care, with the aim of minimizing the error related to the dosage of drugs and injectable products during treatment. patients.
UniHa aims to provide its clients with the best treatments available, to offer a high quality clinical service and to preserve equitable access to care. This is naturally consistent with Hydrex's mission to improve patient care and the quality of work of healthcare professionals.
BeneFusion e-Series is a high level infusion system, which integrates advanced technologies including features unique to Mindray, to better meet clinical requirements and with the aim of improving legacy solutions. infusion systems for speed, accuracy and safety.
Mindray's infusion system has unique features like:
  • SmartRapid: an exceptional, fast and competitive preparation with a first drop administration time of 9s.
  • SafeDose™ INFO: automatic programming of predefined infusion parameters.
  • Dynamic Pressure System (DPS): Automatic restart after occlusion problem correction.
  • SmartAIR™ Dual: Dual air bubble sensors with 6 levels of air bubble detection.
  • Total volume collection function: Four different methods of total volume collection.
  • Built-in central monitoring: Provides closed-loop medication management via wifi/LAN in real time.

  • About Hydrex International

    Founded in 1933, Hydrex international is a company specializing in the distribution and promotion of single-use medical devices and medical equipment for healthcare professionals in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Europe.
    Hydrex has a wide and complete range of high quality medical devices for all professionals in the medical sector. To better meet clinical requirements and customer expectations, Hydrex offers equipment with advanced features and solutions best suited for hospital care.

    About UniHA

    UniHA, Union des Hôpitaux pour les Achats, is a cooperative of French public hospital buyers, working closely with its supplier companies, in an innovative approach to purchasing. Its members purchased through UniHA 5.3 billion euros in 2021 and 185 million euros in gains were recorded. UniHA is one of Europe's leading healthcare buyers and one of the top national buyers across all industries.

    About Mindray

    Founded in 1991, Mindray is a world leader in equipment and solutions dedicated to the medical sector. By using cutting-edge technologies and transforming them into innovations suitable for clinical scenarios, thus providing access to care through their strong global network of R&D, marketing and services. While improving the quality of care, Mindray is helping to lower the cost and make it more accessible to a growing portion of the world's population.